Reflective Essay About Writing

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In high school, I hated writing essays for my English classes. At first, I did not have a reliable writing process. I would free write a rough draft and turn it in as a final draft. I would also write last minute instead of using the time to create a well-thought essay. I focused more on passing a class rather than boosting my writing skills. Now that I am in college, I take writing seriously. Throughout the years, my writing process has drastically changed. As a writer, I will continue to advance my writing skills. Prewriting is significant when preparing for an essay, although this step is most of the time ignored. The process of writing is just as important as the writing itself. Prewriting is great for writers to have an organized essay.…show more content…
Putting in a lot of time and effort just to have someone critique seemed harsh, but it helped me as a writer to realize mistakes in my writing. I tend to choose people wisely, having reliable sources can have a positive effect on my final draft. Editing other people’s essays helps me exercise editing for my paper as well. Practicing editing benefits both the reader and the writer. Understanding my peers strengths and weakness helps me translate what I can do with my writing. A writer that has stronger writing skills gives me the advantage to improve my writing skills just by proofreading. When I am reading my essay aloud, I do not notice writing errors until someone else reads. When reviewers are confused with parts of my paper, I take what they say into consideration and change what I wrote. In this class, we had a peer revision for our writing process essay. Reviewing their essays was interesting to read other peoples style of writing. I felt very comfortable assisting others writing to improve their rough draft. My classmates addressed my mistakes nicely. I was expecting my peers to criticize my entire essay. I should be more comfortable with sharing my writing; I sometimes lack confidence in my writing, I feel as if my viewers are not impressed with my writing skills. After participating in our class workshop, I will continue to ask my classmates to analyze my essays in the future. Skipping peer revision may lead to a lower grade on an essay; therefore, I consider getting multiple opinions to edit my writing. All writers should consider peer revisions to their own writing
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