Reflective Essay: Achieving Success At Walden University

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It is imperative that as a teacher one continues to develop professionally in order to keep abreast of the emerging pedagogy in the educational system. This ongoing development will better equip the facilitator with the tools needed in the teaching learning process to adequately prepare students for success.
I am elated to have been accepted in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Walden University. A number of my colleagues are pursuing or have pursued higher learning at this noble institution and have heralded high praises.
I am cognizant of the fact that in order to achieve success at Walden University I must be academically, emotionally and practically ready for the challenges ahead. As a result there are a number of prerequisites that must be undertaken before initiating my first course.
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I am presently familiarizing myself with the portal of MyWalden. Getting to know how to navigate the different areas and features of the online institution, where and how to get help and how to access my classroom and other resources. I am also utilizing the various webinar sessions that provide guides and practices that will help to sharpen my writing skills.
Emotionally, I know that the tenure of my study will not only be rewarding but also challenging hence, time management is paramount in order to meet the daily demands of study, job and family. I have created a time management plan with guidance from Walden resource center that I will be utilizing.
Achieving higher education is a challenge but also a privilege that I am willing to undertake. I am confident that with adherence to the guidelines and principles laid out by Walden and effectively monitoring my time I will be academically, emotionally and practically ready for the first

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