Reflective Essay: Adapting To Southern Catholic Church

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I would like to transfer to Northwest Catholic because of the religion classes, World Language program, and College Advisory. I have heard great things about the school from parents of students, current students, and alumni. One of the things I found very interesting about the school is the religious courses. I go to Church every Sunday that it is possible to do so. From this, I have learned so much about the church and the ways of life of people inside the church. However, the discussion of these topics in greater detail interests me a lot. I think it would be great to learn more about the Catholic Church in specific because I am Episcopalian and do not know all that much about the lifestyle and actual services. I think the class of Christian…show more content…
I would love to continue taking Latin at my next school, which is why it is great to know there are so many course options for Latin here. Even having the option to take Latin IV and study The Aeneid, a book I have been interested in for a while now. I hope to find great success in Latin at Northwest Catholic. Another aspect of Northwest Catholic that I thought seemed great was the college advisory program. As I maneuver through the secondary school application process, it is nice to have our Secondary School Advisor to ask about interviews, shadow days, and other parts of the application. The entirety of the Secondary School process is stressful, and going through it now has made me think more about applying for colleges. I know if I had to go through college applications with no help, it would be much harder. One piece of Northwest 's program that stood out to me was test preparation for SATs/ACTs. It is also great to have assistance choosing the right college based on what you would like to major in and what your grades are. It is so helpful to know you have someone supporting you and keeping you on track right inside your

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