Reflective Essay: After-Action Assessment

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After-Action Assessment
Some of my Assets in writing include my Thesis Statements, my tie in statements to my thesis, and the quality of the content. I will continue to try remaining strong in these areas, as well growing out of my weaknesses based on the strengths that I have. I enjoy writing when I feel no pressure, with time and practice, my stress level will go down consequently my writing will continue to improve.
My biggest area to work on is my punctuation. I have always had a hard time with this area, and it continues to be a struggle. The most challenging part for me is when reading examples; I have a hard time relating them to my writing. Some websites that I have found over the last couple of weeks that have helped me out are, as well So that I can quickly reference them when working on my essay both of these websites are in my favorites tab. They are easy to use and navigate, I find the way they
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Many times, when writing a paper, I normally just start writing not worrying about the style later. I go through after I am done and remove the words like I, we, me, and us. With the current essay we are writing, I am making a greater effort to pay more attention to writing style, and correcting these errors as they occur. One exercise that I have found is at It has you find a piece of work written in the first person and rewrite it into the third person. (I have found this one the most successful.) I have also started to watch some videos to help me with my writing, one video that I found recently was, I have found if I just spend about thirty minutes a day watching videos about writing it helps make me feel more comfortable when I sit down to
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