Reflective Essay: Agnes Scott College

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When I think back and recall a place I am fond of, I immediately think of Agnes Scott College. I have only been there once, but hat one time is why it holds such nostalgia for me. The college itself has no actual significant meaning to me, but the gym there does. In the walls of that gym I literally left blood, sweat and tears. My very small high school volleyball team made it all the way to the GCIC State Playoffs, which was held at that college. In 2014, the Lady Crusaders had a remarkable undefeated season. The most remarkable part of that is in volleyball it requires a minimum of 6 players on the court, and that was exactly what we had; 6. We all depended on each other tremendously, as we had no subs and little room for error. We knew if one of us made the wrong move and injured ourselves we were done for the season. Our hard work and undefeated season earned us the nickname. “dynamite”, as it comes small packages. On the first day of state playoffs I remember walking into the…show more content…
Other teams, parents and coaches gathered around to watch this “David and Goliath” match. The first two sets blew right by us and we won it with ease. Now, all we had to do was play the third and final set and were going home champions. Something, however; shifted in the other team, as we started to realize that they wanted to win just as badly as we did. It took us by shock how much they improved their skills by one game, and before we knew it we lost the third set. It shook us, but we knew we still had a chance. All we needed was another match win, but they slowly crept back on us again. Finally with a tied two match win, we went to the fifth and final match. We put it on the court that game. I wish I could say that in the epic comeback match, we came back to defeat the mighty giant. Sadly, with tears in our eyes and our heads held high, we had to settle for second
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