Reflective Essay: All Quiet Week In Solbury, North Carolina

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Well, it’s been a quiet week in Solbury, North Carolina, my hometown, out in the middle of the rolling hills of the Piedmont. The rocky red clay soil that covered the ground was difficult to till but marked the area for farmers. Everyone in the small town had an everyday routine they followed. The kids in the town would get up earlier than the sun and their parents everyday to feed their animals or do morning chores. Then, the women or grandmother’s of the house would get up soon after to make breakfast and start cleaning. Lastly, the men would get up and go to work out in the tobacco fields because it was North Carolina’s cash crop.
Everyday Sam would get up, put his overalls on, and head out the door to go to the field. He did not have any
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Casey pondered for a minute because he did not know how much to sell it for. They finally settled on an amount so Casey unloaded the tobacco into the owner’s wagon. Upon making the deal, he got in the wagon and headed back to the farm.
When Casey returned, Sam came out of the house and was surprised to see all of the tobacco was gone. Casey got out of the wagon and explained how the owner wanted to buy all of it.
The next day, Casey went to the market to see if the tobacco was still there. To Abel’s surprise, all of the tobacco was gone. He went up to the owner of the stand and asked him how he sold the flawed tobacco. The owner explained that a significantly big, tobacco producer occasionally came through the market and he wanted to buy the unique tobacco. The producer, John Thomas, exclaimed that he had never seen a product like it before. Thomas said he needed something new, so he bought all of the tobacco from the small stand.
A few days later, John, came back to the farmer’s market searching for the creator of the tobacco. He went to the same little stand and he asked if the owner knew who he bought the product from. The owner gave him directions to Earl’s

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