Reflective Essay: An Immigration To The United States

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I'm from the Dominican Republic and I have 4 years living in the United States. When I came to the united states I was 13 years old, it was not easy for my brother and me to start a new life in another country without our mother. Learning another language was the hardest things I have ever done in my life.

Being an immigrant it's not easy, I’m in a country that is not mine, so I had started from the beginning. And the beginning will be difficult. I don't know anything about this country, but having goals, that helps me be positive and believe that every single goal I can have in life and I can do it. I have to recognize that I always had people or friends that never will like to see my progress. This was the main reason that made me believe
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When I started high school, I had little support to know English, everybody in the school spoke Spanish. So it was harsh, someone always translated everything and it was not necessary to learn English. Something that helped me to learn more English was watching TV and listen to music with English subtitle.

Struggling to learn English affected me because I realized someone would not always be able to translate for me. This challenge made me realize that I needed to progress because It will help me be successful. I still fight against this challenge every day, at times I do not understand what people say to me when they talk to me, but I do everything to understand. One thing I am starting to do is writing in a notebook It is not easy because every time I have to use Google translate to be sure that I write and say the word correctly.

This challenge made me understand that not everything in life it’s not going to be easy, but if I believe in myself I can do anything. Now, I know more English, I can understand 80% the English, I felt amazing, because I know now how to defend myself. This challenge helps me to see that there are people who are in the same situation and I can help those people who do not understand English. The challenge describes who I am since I always like to help people who are in a situation like mine or when they need help. Helping people is something I like to
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