Reflective Essay And Rhetorical Analysis

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Throughout this semester, I have grown as a writer in many ways. I looked back on all the essays I have done and I can see the improvement throughout each essay I did. The three essays that I will be using in my portfolio are the Writing and Reading History Essay, the Non-Academic Discourse Essay, and the Rhetorical Analysis Essay. The reason that I chose the three essays were because of the improvement I could see throughout each one. The first essay in my portfolio is the “Non-Academic Discourse” essay. This essay was very hard for me to write because I don't have many communities outside of school so I really had to think about what I should write about. When I was writing this paper I was really trying to focus on my punctuation which has been probably the hardest thing for me to understand in English. After writing this essay, I learned that I really need to focus on many things in my writing such as my transition, punctuation, and format.…show more content…
I thought this essay was going to be one of the hardest essays I would have to write in this class because I ever really understood the rhetorical analysis triangle. I always had trouble figuring out the difference between logos, ethos, and pathos. In high school, my teacher made the rhetorical analysis triangle really difficult to understand so when I had to start writing this essay I was really nervous that I would have trouble using the rhetorical analysis triangle. Throughout this essay, I had to put in a lot of research in each part of the triangle so I was able to understand the triangle and be able to write a good essay. While I was writing this essay I learned how important it was to incorporate the rhetorical analysis triangle into my essays
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