Reflective Essay: Baseball Is The Perfect Sport For Me

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I have been participating in at least one group sports team for as long as I can remember. If it was not baseball, I played soccer and even football for a year. It was nice not being forced into to doing any particular sport by my parents. I was able to choose what made me happy. Me my dad and my brother played catch with a small football all the time in the back yard up until about sixth grade. I could throw it pretty far since it was so small and that made it really fun to play. I played soccer for about four years, but I just knew that it was not for me. In sixth grade I even tried out football for a year. That was a big mistake. I was not a huge fan of being trampled by big sweaty kids twice my size. Baseball was the perfect sport for me, and I played for the majority of my life so far.
It started with just playing catch with my dad as a first grader, to playing baseball in high school. Tee-ball when I was about seven years old. At the time I did not know much about the game itself, it was just about getting together with friends and having a good
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The pitcher on the other team was throwing curve balls and sinkers that many of us were not used to at the time. I was playing catcher in the bottom of the last inning. We were up by one and our pitcher Cole couldn't let up any runs. It got down to two outs with a man on first and second. Wearing the gear on a hot day like that one was making sweat roll down the sides of my face. Strike one, strike two, I motioned for a high fastball. Cole wound up for the final pitch, strike three. We were going to the Final. That was probably the most intense game myself or our team have ever played and it felt great to win that game. The funny thing was that our championship game was a walk in the park compared to the semi-final. We beat them by five points making us the Division Two
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