Reflective Essay: Coming To The United States

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Coming to the US for most people, was the best thing to ever happen in their lives. It was the same for me. Until a time in my life slightly changed that, but I still think it profited me and helped me grow tremendously. On my first day in middle, I was so nervous to meet new people that I did not really talk much to people the first couple of weeks. One-day as I was sitting in class doing my work I saw someone look at me and I was wondering what did I do to attracted the attention of that person. So I just played it cool and continued to do my work, a few minutes later I find that, the person staring at me from afar was sitting directly beside me, I did not know what to do so I just ignored him. Before I know it, he is in my personal bobble,…show more content…
At the end of the day as I went home I told my elder brother what happened and I also told him I felt bad for doing that, because before I come home the guy’s friends made it clear that the guy liked me, that is why he was acting like that. Even though I did not like him back I still felt bad for treating him that way because no matter what he did I was not supposed to do that to him. I found that I should have handled the situation in a different approach. So the next day when I went to school I apologized to the guy, he accepted my apology, but since then we both kept our distance from each other. As for his friends they decided to make it a point of mocking my accent at any chance they get, although they were doing it since I come to the school this time they made it known to me that they were mocking me directly. From that time on, I learnt that no matter what situation we find ourselves in we should always remember that there is always a nicer approach to handling the situation. Unless of course we have tried every possible way to get rid of the problem only then can we use a straighter

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