Reflective Essay: Discover Your Major Day Event

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Discover Your Major Day was a very informative event and helped me realize that I needed help to really figure out what I wanted my major to be. The event also made me really understand that a minor or a concentration is a wonderful thing to have. The faculty that I spoke to assisted me greatly and I appreciated that. They were able to explain to me everything I was having trouble understanding. I am very glad that I attended the Discover Your Major Day event because I feel as though if I did not go, I would not have realized that I wanted to add a minor or a concentration to my four years of study here at the University of Memphis. The event met my expectations and even more. I did not know that I would get as much information as I did and that the faculty would be so voluntary to help. At first, I assumed that I would walk around to each of the tables, pick up information sheets, and take it with me to look over myself later on. But to my surprise, everyone was very helpful and I got all of my questions answered. By attending the Discover Your Major Day event, I learned that it is very important to look at all of your options to see if you truly know what you want to do, or if what you are doing now is what you want to…show more content…
I walked over to tables that had to do with my major and got the information I needed on what skills I need to succeed in the specific major, what type of jobs students have with the major, and much more. Majoring in Human Development and Learning, I must have great speaking skills and must work well with children. I love children and am very excited to see where I can go with my major. In the University College, I can have a concentration in Pre-School and Child Care Administration and this would help me with exactly what I want to do; owning a daycare center and a dance studio for
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