Reflective Essay: Diversity In America

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Every Sunday afternoon my mother and I take a trip to the grocery store. I often find myself wandering around the brightly-colored aisles in hope of finding something that I completely need and cannot proceed without, to which my mother responds “Javaughn, put it down and stop acting like a five year old, I mean you’re seventeen years old, get it together!” This leads to a twenty minute debate on why that orange infused, pomegranate flavored lip balm would have benefited my life and solved every problem that I’ve ever had. While my mother always gets her way, I know deep down that I’m the winner. By the time we hit checkout, the fight has deluded and all we can focus on are the harsh yellow letters covering the faces of magazines.

Tabloids often display stories that read, “Jenn Caught Cheating” or “Justin Calls It Quits.” As the world entered 2015, I began to notice these ad-filled collections start to sing a new tune, there were now stories covering the touchy subject of what it meant to be transgender in America.
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I plan to do this by using the gift of acceptance that I learned in my childhood. My parents stressed the idea that all individuals deserve a fair chance, they extended these lectures into my teenage years by placing me in one of the most diverse schools in the state of Arizona. I wish to continue this sense of variety by studying in a more tolerant environment such as Los Angeles. This will allow me the chance to educate others on the benefit of living utmost a mélange of humans. I feel an obligation to spread the word of equality, not only for the transgender community, but for any community in need of a fighter. This responsibility is felt so deeply, because the act of change cannot be done without others in support of it. By showing my support, I hope to a part of the
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