Reflective Essay: Diversity In Indiana

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I am a diverse individual, and definitely not the “traditional” student. Being Indiana born and raised, that makes Indiana a part of my culture. I am a musician, that makes up part of my culture. I play music and love to see it live. I love the diversity of music, I listen to all kinds. There are so many styles, they can also reflect your mood, your style, your life at the time. It speaks to my soul, and when some music tells stories, that lets me reflect on other’s culture and life experiences.
I grew up in a county school, at Gaston Elementary School for my first 3 years of school (Pre-K through 1st grade). I ended up enrolling into a semi-private school by a lottery system, Burris Laboratory School. The environment and culture was much different. The people were very diverse
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My grades suffered due to that fact. I always did well during testing, I just felt no motivation to do homework. I went to musician’s workshop when I started high school and developed more culture. High school was okay for the 2 years, my grades were average. Unfortunately, after my sophomore year ended, I started moving around due to various circumstances, such as a parents divorce and my childhood home going into foreclosure. My grades suffered. When my life becomes stressful, my school work ethic tends to slip.
I ended up transferring to Yorktown High School in my senior year in the fall of 2012, not by choice. The environment was entirely different there as well, it was yet another different culture. I knew no one. I did not make friends. I was behind in work there due to different graduation standards, I would be graduating a semester late. I struggled to keep up. Then, as I was settling in after a few months, my father’s company went bankrupt, and we were faced with another move. I was faced with a decision: dropout of high school or move to yet another school, where I knew no
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