Reflective Essay: Exposure To The Medical Field

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In an impoverished borough of Morocco, I witnessed people begging for morsels of food and medical help. Exposure to a medic would have helped alleviate illness and improve quality of life within this locality. A single physician cannot guarantee the well being of everyone within the society. Nevertheless, for me I believe making a constructive impact on an individual; consequently, the community would be extremely gratifying. Shadowing a colorectal surgeon alongside his interdisciplinary team highlighted the necessity of teamwork and effective communication inbwteen doctors as well as patients. The advantage of collaboration between medics with different roles and responsibilities was further emphasized in an MDT meeting I attended. From Surgeons…show more content…
During this, I learnt to appreciate family values a lot more as I learnt from observation and interaction that it is family who will help you the most when in need. Names of illnesses also became familiar as I had to talk to sufferers of disorders such as dementia, not only did this increase my knowledge but also my ability to empathise with those affected. Being in contact and communicating with customers and employees of Scope UK enabled me to develop my confidence of working in caring environment; permitting me to become a more empathetic individual. This experience enabled me to learn and understand how to assist and communicate effectively with a range of people on a daily basis. Scope uk is actively changing the lives of and reducing the negative views towards innumerable stigmatized people with disabilities, something all doctors should strive to do. Altrincham Library allowed me to establish relationships with the staff enabling me to develop a strong positive attitude towards work during my time at the library. My problem solving, adaptability and time management increased significantly by the end of the volunteering process due to continuous

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