Reflective Essay: Five Words Used In A Political Party

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As we grow up, we learn words and never really know the true meaning of them. We hear these words used by our parents, friends, neighbors, teachers, social media and even strangers. We take bits and pieces of what we hear and make conclusions while not knowing the true meaning of the word. These five words are often used during election years. I asked myself what do they mean to me and then I researched to find out what was the exact definition to these words.
• democratic
• bigot
• feminist
• conservative
• liberal
A democrat is one who believes in democracy. People are entitled to freedom and equality where the majority rules.
A democratic is a political party who believes the working class deserves the same benefits as the wealthy. Democrats
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Little did I know at that time I was protesting; I wanted equal rights. I debated with my mother because she wouldn’t allow me to climb the big tree in the front of the house but the boys could. I couldn’t sit with my legs open even if I wore pants. I felt this was ridicules and unfair to me. As I washed the dishes and helped prepare dinner my mother explained the female’s role in the world. I told her “A woman should have equal rights and opportunities.” She threw her apron on the floor and picked up the baby and told me I was talking nonsense. A feminist is a female who wants to be treated socially, economically, politically equal to her counterpart- a man. I discovered The United States is not the only nation to support the feminist movement. “Many nations -including Uganda, India, Pakistan and Costa Rica have laws mandating that women hold a certain number of seats in some of their lawmaking bodies.” (LAtimes, n.d.) Women are global behind in America when it comes to holding political positions. Perhaps we should take notes and learn, because as a nation “other countries have surpassed us on other feminist goals as well: paid maternity leave and parental leave, national healthcare, affordable child care, pay equality, fact based sex education and access to free contraceptives.” (LATimes,
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