Reflective Essay For Honors College

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Coming from The Honors College at Miami Dade where I was trained to expand my views about the world and to constantly challenge my perspectives, I believe I’m ready to take the next steps in my formation as a professional. The Honors College at Florida International University will be the perfect stage for me to pursue a major in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. This institution will provide me with transformative undergraduate education through specialized upper level courses from the hand of experienced professionals in my field of study. There, I will be exposed to a wide range of classes that will further develop my understanding of the International Relations sphere and will allow me to better introduce myself to the different variety of world’s cultures.…show more content…
Being an active member of the community that surround us is a priority in today’s society. Therefore, having the opportunity to assist seminars, partake in internships, study abroad or simply engage myself in activities where I will be able to discuss current issues and network with the leaders of today and tomorrow, is definitely one of those experiences that I’m looking forward the most. In addition, I believe that being part of such a diverse program and university will offered me the necessary tools to emerge as a more understanding, caring and accepting human being. I believe that The Honors College will be able to continuously feed my intellectual curiosity and my desire to become a better global citizen. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that studying in your university may present, and will definitely value the opportunity of adding a bit of myself to your institution while hopefully being able to conquer new obstacles through my
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