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ESSAY 2 Reflective writing In this region of the Middle East, Kuwait, It is not easy to find such a wonderful weather; September 2014 with the warm sunshine, fresh air that rarely so good and a clear sky; it is Saturday and I have to start anew challenge. It’s my first day in a post graduate program in diabetes care, education and management, I have no idea about what will happen, but I have some expectations and imaginations; one week earlier, I have tried to discover the module through the information given on the website, it was nicely arranged and formative but it was late for me to do so, this wasn’t my actual plan. This is the first lesson I have learnt from this not started yet course; which is to prepare early. On that day “one of the rare weekends I have; as it comes once every four weeks because I have to work either on Friday or Saturday” I was active and ready for the new adventure, Dasman institute for diabetes is the place where we should start the course, everything was easy and quick, starting from car parking, registration up to the study classes, all the people I have seen where friendly, active and enthusiastic but some of them looks worried. For me the most important aspect was to get engaged as quick as possible to get the most benefit from this course as I haven’t been able to prepare well, I know it’s my fault, hoping to avoid in the next module. Reflective professional practice is the name of my first module, I think I’m lucky to have

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