Reflective Essay: From My Migration To America

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Before I immigrated to America, I did not have many challenges in life: I had many friends to spend time with, I had my own room in my parent’s house, I went to the best middle school and high school in town, and got admitted into a quality university in China. However, my parents believed that immigrating to America would improve our living standard because they thought it would be easy to make money in America. Nevertheless, this was not an easy transition.
At first, we lived in my aunt’s house which had only one stuffy bedroom for three of us. My parents worked manual labor jobs because they could not speak English. I soon began taking non-credit English classes with a class of older people in Chinatown to prepare myself for credit classes. In this setting, because the ages are different, I had difficulty making new friends. I felt lonely and homesick in this country. I was regretful for having come to America because living uncomfortably in somebody’s house and seeing my parents suffer from work was not what I had expected. Life in America has forced me to become a leader in my family since I am our most member. I had to put my emotions aside to be strong for my family. I found a house to rent, and applied for government subsidies for my family. After getting my family settled, I next focused my
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I communicated with myself, and many of the books i read helped me to feel less alone and become a better person. I had too focused on the outside world, and had ignored my emotional needs. This period changed me in a good way. For me, immigrating to America was like being pulled out of my comfort zone. I never had to solve nor had encountered such problems before, but I always met them with resilience. I know that despite how difficult a situation might be, I will endore it successfully. The spirits I had gained from that challenges of immigrating will help me to thrive in academic
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