Reflective Essay: Harlem High School

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I was now at Harlem High School. It had two campuses. The South Campus was for freshman and sophomores. In Machesney Park, the North Campus was for juniors and seniors. I was going to take this moment as a chance to become the kid who was liked or at least accepted. This time I was going to be proactive. I was not going to be anyone’s puppy. I was going to be bold, strong, and would be no one’s play toy. Most of the men on my father’s side of the family were military veterans. When looking for classes, my father suggested I use the opening to give myself a boost for going into the military: the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps or N.J.R.O.T.C. It was the only military program in the Rockford area still running. The result of my decision was foregone before I entered the school foyer. It was another time, where I was oblivious of the environment that I was entering. The course required the wearing my uniform once per week. Right from…show more content…
More precisely, they had evolved, picking on boys and girls gave them their reward without being recognized as being mean. Being mean was useful for bullies, however being known as being mean was not acceptable. Kids were still being bullied. It was easier to point one kid to be the butt of a joke than dealing with real emotions. While my torment was slowing, for some kids from my neighborhood, using me was more than convenient it was a habit. Bullies could not be as overt as they were in the eighth grade. Their verbal cuts were subtler, as were their threats of violence. One of the ways to be subtle, was to use segregates. The ones that hurt the most, for me anyway were the girls. As I mentioned, in my day there were few of them. The ones that remained were more willing to be physical if pressed. Today, many bullies use technology, such as Facebook to dominate their

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