Reflective Essay: How Glutamate Changed My Life

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Hello Doc,

I went through the published book and it is one of the best all inclusive works I have seen. If I had picked it up seven years ago, it would have motivated me to explore the links and would have read more. For me, timing was everything. If I would have embraced recovery earlier, I would have had a harder time. If it was later, there would have been consequences that would have probably lead to not being able to live out my life anyway like it is today.

There were a couple of minor things I found in the final edit. Most of them are personal opinion. Your editor did a splended job. Somewhere in there, it might be good to add in; “knowledge and intelegence is not a protective factor from addiction.” I had red this in an Addiction Medicine book published by Dr. Jane Marshal, who is the psychiatrist for the CAA, doctors and dentists in the UK. Her book was written for physicians and decided to read it because I know her personally. Those words stuck with me because I always believed that addiction could be overcome because I believed I was smarter than most. I believe many pilots share this misconception and it is note worthy.
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The effect of glutamate is reduced by alcohol, but peaks afterwards.

I think you mean from AWS, not alcohol itself.

43% “adisease” it looks like “a” is combined with “disease” on my version of Kindle…

59% CBT; “techniques done just from reading this material.” reader might wonder if he has missed something. More detail on CBT would be interesting to those who know little about it.

62% whining and being a victim. might want to say “ acting out to be a victim.”

71% after negative thinking. you could put “stinking thinking.”
It’s a catchy and memorable phrase.

72% the list from 10 onward came out with extra spacing after the numbers on my Kindle using a

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