Reflective Essay: How To Improve My Writing

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I have learned a lot about how to improve my writing and make it more engaging over this past semester. When writing the first paper I learned a lot about how I write and how to improve my writing. At the beginning of this paper I learned how to plan a paper, by writing down ideas and notes down on a separate sheet of paper. This really helps to narrow down the ideas that I was passionate about. While writing this paper I learned how to self-correct mistakes that I would make a lot throughout my paper. One of my biggest writing errors that I have now learned to fix is comma splice errors, which is when I incorrectly connected my sentences with only a comma. This paper also made me realize that in the first draft you can forget a lot of details that you think you put in. Then when spending the time to revise you can make your paper more engaging to the audience by adding the missed details. When finished with this paper it made me realize that I need to work on my lead-ins and thesis at the beginning of my paper to grab the reader and tried to improve this with each of my papers that followed. Then in my second paper I took what I learned from the first paper and worked to improve my…show more content…
I chose to write only a 3-A paper and learned a great deal about writing a proposal to help solve or raise awareness for an issue. I found this paper to me more difficult to find a topic to write about since it wasn’t based on myself or a memory. My struggle to find a topic made me realize that not all papers will be easy when you have limited instruction on what it should be about. Since the paper was so opened we had to come up with our own questions, concerns, or objections the audience may have on our proposal topic. In the proposal, I also learned how clear you must be for your audience so that all their concerns are addressed since they may not be aware of the problem you are
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