Reflective Essay: How To Improve My Writing Style

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There are several different styles of writing and learning, and if an individual knows their style of each, it can help them improve on their learning and writing skills. My method of writing is free-writing, I tend to start writing, and not stop until I finish. Similarly, I tend to learn best by absorbing a great deal of information at once, then going back and processing it. My learning and writing styles greatly influence each other, with my learning style helping improve my writing style. Since I was a child, everything I wrote was done using a free-writing technique. Quite a few of my teachers have told me, and occasionally forced me, to use brainstorming, prewriting, and other systems to help my writing, but I do not believe that I write effectively using those methods. Whenever I brainstorm, I end up just writing complete sentences that would be better off in the essay to begin with. This often leads to just duplicating what I have in the brainstorm right into the essay, adding an unnecessary step that just slows down my writing. The only type of project that forces a slight change to…show more content…
Few classes are taught in this manner, which often makes it difficult to learn effectively. The majority of classes go through one concept at a time, and spend time ensuring that that one concept is mastered before moving on to the next. Learning like this leaves me bored, as the majority of the time I already understood the concept being taught. As a result of this, I often jump ahead in the textbook of whatever subject is being taught and end up reading and learning concepts that the professor does not cover for quite some time. I have found that this experience is less pronounced in college, as professors usually spend less class time on a single subject, relying on students studying at home, more so than mastering the concept in
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