Reflective Essay: How Twirling Changed My Life

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Cold, metal steel running through your hands as fast as it can move without battering and bruising your body, a hard metal stick being tossed just above your head rotating in a perfect singular motion, and leaping, kicking, or dancing as much as your body would let you were the moments I lived for. I knew that eventually it would only be memories of a glorious high school sport, but I never would have thought that I would lack the ability of twirling my senior year. Sadly, an injury would prevent me from living my final high school dream, but through a long difficult recovery it increased my hope and changed my perspective.

Twirling has been a huge part of my life for five and a half years. While hard work, it has been a motivator, a purpose, and a source of joy. I intended once a senior, that I would make a 1 at UIL state twirling contest, continue my second year of being a head majorette, and continue my second no drop season. I became aware of my increasing knee pain in July after coming home from squad leader camp. The sensation of your knee locking after sitting for more than thirty minutes; a completely terrifying situation. I decided to go to my doctor and she then transferred me to the sports injury
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That day I had knee surgery, and the pain and doubt brought on by the surgery; completely and utterly devastating. While I would inevitably have to have surgery, I just wished with all my might to hold off on receiving it. I wanted to twirl my senior year, the surgery rendered my goal, my hopes and dreams. Consumed by doubt and a crushing lack of motivation after receiving my surgery, I almost entered into a state of depression. Being different has never been my goal in life, and blending in with a pair of crutches by your sides creates a very difficult challenge . I found recovery not too difficult, but the time it took seemed
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