Reflective Essay: Improving Metro South

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Although Metro South, where are good teachers, staffs, and volunteers, is a wonderful school for people to learn, we have to keep to improve education, because it should be a role in society and every school have to carry to improve education or school. As a student at Metro South, I propose three ideas that are derived from my experience to improve Metro South.

One idea to improve Metro South is about informing the students to keep cleaning the school to study pleasantly on the first class day. Because I use the bathroom several times a school day, the sanitary bathroom is important for not only me but also everyone, but I am sometimes disappointed the dirt. And I see sometimes trash in the parking lot although there are trash cans outside. We should also clean eraser dust, and put untidy chairs in order for the next person in the classroom.

Another idea to improve Metro south is about a comfortable school, where students are able to study with motivation and without stresses, so it will increase the number of students. I sometimes feel that I bother some students at the computer in
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I have taken classes, and I have felt lacking in something when I move to the new class. It’s probably because I move in the middle of our material, that each teacher teaches us in detail, such as academically vocabularies, prefixes, roots, spelling, etc. It means that I have to study the rest of them myself, so I suggest to put not only materials but also some information magazine about college or job in the computer room or possible place and to be able to see the materials freely.

Therefore, I propose informing students to keep clean school, making a comfortable school, and putting the materials in the possible place to improve education to Metro South. I am really enjoying at Metro South, and I will be enjoying at Metro South, that changed into more fantastic school, in the near
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