Reflective Essay: Improving My Writing

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Grammar is the formation of any sentence, quote or paper. When I write I will re-read each section of my paper to make sure that it flows smoothly and that I have not missed a coma. Coma’s do me in each time. I will add them when they are not necessary and will not add them when I actually need one. Writing is a learning process. I hope to get better each time I prepare and finish an assignment.
It has only been about a year that I have started to feel more secure about my writing. I am extremely critical about my writing and I still believe I have issues with using good grammar. This keeps me on my toes and makes me more vigilant and attentive about my papers. Maybe that is a good thing. Always striving to improve my writing and understanding different methods that I can use to express myself in my writing.
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If writing about an important event that has taken place, such as the Hutu & Tutsi massacre in Rwanda then I would choose high style which is for a more serious and professional paper. Middle style can range “from serious to humorous” (Ruszkiewicz, John J, 2015) and low style is “everyday or off the wall subjects, often humorous or parodic (Ruszkiewicz, John J, 2015, 2015). As I have said in previous assignments and including this one, I am still learning how to compose and write a paper that has few grammatical errors. Some style faux pas that I need to remove from my writing is using two spaces between sentences. This is what I grew up doing and while I am typing an assignment my finger automatically hits the enter button twice. Furthermore, I need to use more of an active voice and not a passive voice when I write. There is a website that I use that helps me with my grammar on my assignments, just in case you need extra help:
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