Reflective Essay: Improving My Writing Style

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When it comes to writing essays, everyone is unique in their own writing style. This means that each individual person has their own successes and failures within their writing. If someone grades or peer edits my paper, it gives me the opportunity to understand how I can improve my writing. Over the course of this semester, I have written many papers that have allowed me to recognize the successes and failures in my writing. When someone takes a writing class like this, they are able to identify what they are skilled at, if anything, and what they need to improve upon. Some have trouble with grammar, thesis statements, transitions, revising, or more. Personally, I have trouble with more than one aspect of writing, but I originally struggled…show more content…
My early conclusions were simply summaries of what I had previously said. When writing a proper conclusion, one needs to expand past the initial idea. Provided that I was not aware of this at the time, my conclusions brought about nothing that was not already said. I was unaware of the importance of expanding past the initial idea until I examined the rubric. Consequently, I received an awful grade on the rough draft of my entrance essay. Because of that, I knew that at the very least I needed to add more to my conclusion than a summary, even if it didn’t bring about a new, colossal idea. This was my first conclusion, and now that I look back, I can recognize that it could be boring to the reader (“Understanding Writing”…show more content…
I added more thought, accomplished more than a summary, and expanded past the initial ideas of my topics. My first few papers were only poorly thrown together summaries. Towards the middle of the class, I changed the way I summarized and was more structured in my conclusion. My last several papers left the reader with more to contemplate. I made it a point to leave the right impression. In the end, writing better conclusions allowed me to properly finish a paper. Without a conclusion structured in the right way containing the correct information, one’s paper will not be as complete as it could
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