Reflective Essay: Improving My Writing Workspace

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When I write I prefer little or no interruptions or distractions, and I want somewhere that provides privacy and quietude. I wish to be immersed in my work and have all of my thoughts and ideas fill the page. I want the words I write to have an impact on the reader. In my writing workspace, I want to have all the materials that I need at my disposal. As I write, I want to be organized, so I can write effectively and efficiently. Currently, my bedroom provides this atmosphere for me to write, however it is not perfect. In order for my writing to improve, I need to make multiple changes to my current writing workspace. My bedroom is my current writing workspace, however I want to incorporate changes so I can improve my work and my writing process. One important change that I would make to my current writing workspace would be removing and…show more content…
Currently, all of the materials that need for writing are in not in my writing workspace. As of now, I have access some materials, but others are either in another room or not available to me. For example, when I write an essay I like to print out each draft, and then write my revisions on it. I do not have a printer in my current writing workspace. The printer that I use now is in another room and is usually occupied by someone else's printing jobs. Having another printer at my disposal would make my writing process much more straightforward. Another resource that I would like to have is additional multicolored pens and highlighters. Further colored pens would help me see each separate revision and edit that I write on the paper. I would also like to add a stapler, three hole puncher, and folders to my space which would help me prepare my work for publication. Having extra materials available to me would improve the revising, editing, and publishing parts of the writing process and would help me stay organized as I

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