Reflective Essay Journey

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It’s not the Destination, but the Journey On August 7, 2017, I arrived at the Sky Harbor International Airport after 25 hours of travelling with nothing but my luggage. At the age of seventeen, this was the first time I had ever travelled alone. As I looked around I saw Americans and many people from different backgrounds all over the place. That moment, I thought to myself, will I ever fit in? All I had in my head was to fulfill all the dreams and hopes my parents had for me. I had travelled from Dubai, UAE to further my education by studying in a college that I had applied to, Paradise Valley Community College. I was all on my own in this country. Sometimes, life brings us a journey which either teaches us or changes us for good. My life did not only teach me but changed me for the better - the person I am today. Living all by myself trained me and taught me a lot of lessons like personal responsibility, the value of family and independence. Before, I was living this lavish and full-fledged life in Dubai, UAE along with my parents and 2-year-old baby brother. Every morning, the alarm clock rang, I would get ready and dad would drop me off at school. After I was back home, mom would have her tasty hand-made lunch ready for me on the table, after which I would spend a little time studying and completing my homework. Later in the day, my friends and I would hangout and we enjoyed playing sports or going out to the movies. My life revolved around this leisure. Until that
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