Reflective Essay: Learning How To Read And Writing For Me

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Learning how to read and write for me was a tough journey due to several circumstances. As I was born in a country where more than 25 percent of its population is illiterate, it was not hard to get proper education of my first language, but it surely was to learn a second language properly. Thankfully, I come from a well off family that puts education as their first priority. My mother always said “No matter how expensive or hard it gets, but your education is your only identity in this world, it is what you’re worth”.
Surely getting international level education which provides you with a foreign certificate has an extortionate price, but my family enrolled me in an international school starting first grade. I cannot recall how exactly I learned to read in my early stages of education, but I remember that I hated it. I’ve always disliked reading, I thought it was very boring. My school mainly focused on teaching students to be proficient in English and barely met the government requirements of our first language, Arabic. One of the things I remember in my first few years of school is going to the library at the end of each week to pick up a book to be read by the help of our parents during the weekend. My mother used to take that book and read it for me once and then lets me read it for her at least twice before the weekend ends. Undoubtedly, my mother played a great role enhancing my reading and
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Naturally, all courses were taught in English, as this was a British certificate (IGCSE). By then, I was sure that my second language was pretty much perfect. During that time I worked really hard in my classes to be able to study abroad in the U.S. Although my hopes were to get admitted into a university in the U.S right after high school, but things didn’t work
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