Reflective Essay: Lionville Middle School

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Welcome to all the teachers, administrators, peers, and families. Although I cannot believe it, my time at Lionville Middle School has surpassed. It seems like just yesterday I was wide-eyed and frightened standing at the front entrance with my friends from elementary, knowing nothing about the years ahead. I still remember my first thoughts of Lionville, which were luckily proven to be wrong, considering how horrific they were. My younger self believed the school would be a rushing whirlpool of responsibility and new people, filled with long eerie hallways I could not navigate through. Although in reality, from the beginning, Lionville was nothing like I had imagined. Yes there were responsibilities, but none I could not handle, and yes there were new people, but meeting them helped shape me into the person I am today, and yes the school was gigantic, and I did get lost, but I ended up becoming familiar with the school, just like I did my elementary. In fact, eventually, I began to enjoy the independence, people, and surroundings at Lionville, much more than I did at my elementary school, Uwchlan Hills. Additionally, I also had many fantastic teachers throughout my three years at the…show more content…
A few specific hardships that come to mind were the first F on a test I had ever gotten, which I believe was in math, the first time I struggled with a writing assignment, and the first time I realized what growing up was truly like in seventh grade, after losing a close friend of mine. Although, overcoming these hardships has helped me prepare me for future aspirations, such as going to college and being successful in a job, preferably in the technology field. Without Lionville, I never would have discovered my love for photoshop or broadcasting, which I now believe I may pursue later in my academic
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