Reflective Essay: Marching And Concert Band Performance

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I am in the middle of my fourth year playing clarinet. I would greatly enjoy going to your summer camp again; I went to the junior summer camp last year (2016) and had a wonderful time preparing music with musician I did not know and got to learn. I have truly grown as a musician these past years, have had memorable experiences during marching and concert season, one goal I have is taking my playing abilities into college.
I started playing clarinet in the sixth grade and spent that year learning as much as I could in a public school with 43 beginning clarinets. That summer going into seventh grade I started lessons which got me playing more often and into my middle school’s second band, symphonic, keeping high chairs. There were three combined band in my middle school-awhile I was there. My final year at that school I made top band, wind ensemble, I had a good chair but looking back I could have worked harder to get higher-I was 6th out of 9 clarinets that year. I feel my chair did not give me justice but at the
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During marching season we had many performance in state and one out in St. George. The big highlight of marching band was performing in the 2017 Tournament of Roses Parade and a band feast. I have never prepared for something that long and hard in my life. While people were out of town during winter break I was up in the mornings marching around our track playing Holiday road and Flight of Falcones. Even we spent so many time and sweat preparing for it I would do it again in a heartbeat. Being with my friends doing, probably, the greatest thing I have ever been apart of is so mind-boggling. My closest friends are in band and that is a reason I will never quick. That was not the last thing I have done, as a second band we were asked to perform at Ham Hall. Which is incredible to get the opportunity to perform on a “real

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