Reflective Essay: Me As A Writer

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English has been difficult for me since I was first introduced to writing and I’ve never been exceptional at writing in general. In the past, I struggled with formatting and putting my words on paper. After taking your class, my writing confidence and speed has risen dramatically. Formatting essay comes easily to me now and I understand how I can improve as a writer. I know that what I am writing clearly reflects what I am trying to convey to the reader. I feel as though I improved as a writer after taking English 1101 class. The research paper, as you know, had become extremely challenging for me. Essays have killed me since every teacher I had in the past told me different things. No one sat down and explained how to write an essay like…show more content…
They both ended on a gloomy, yet powerful note. In the Song of Solomon, the main character had gone through many obstacles and heartbreaking events. On the other hand, in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the reader does not know the entire story till the end, but along the way the reader can sympathize with the characters and understand everyone’s motive. In the first novel, magical realism was portrayed through flight and singing “QUOTE” while the second was shown through weather and blood…show more content…
I tried to take thorough notes and ask questions when I struggled. I have learned to analyze everything I read in a beneficial way that helps me grasp the story and see it’s full meaning. I mentally ask myself questions while reading and try to find every perspective. Furthermore, I learned multiple crucial life lessons that will benefit me as I mature. For example, “Less is more”(Jane Sullivan). This quote helps guide me in life as well as in class; I try to use the idea of concision in my daily work which helps me go straight to the point and not beating around the bush. All in all, I learned many useful, important lessons and concepts that I will be useful as I grow as a
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