Reflective Essay: Migration To USA

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Since 1960 million of Cubans have been immigrating to the USA, and me an my family are one of them. My mother passed away in 1995, and my brother and I started making a living on our own at an early age, have to look out for each other definitely made our bond stronger than ever. Then, on 1998, my brother won the VISA lottery to migrate to the USA, and we could afford to pay the entire trip for both, so he came to make a living in a strange culture, with one goal, be together again. After 10 years of hard work my brother was able to place the paperwork to reunite us, and three years later we were finally able to be together again, in August of 2011 me, my husband and d son finally came to the land of freedom.
We arrived in august 5, 2011. At the beginning, it felt very strange, everything looked so surreal we couldn 't believe we were together again.We spent long hours telling stories about the past, all the stuff that we
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(funny right), that language barrier that Cubans don 't want to believe that exist, that is real, and sometime, hurts. But we stayed strong, we were convinced that sacrifices have to be made in our lives in order to get a better life for our son and family. Having two jobs, going to school on the weekends, seeing my son and husband barely three hours a day, trying to be successful in everything that I was doing, was just the beginning.
So, we start to see goals getting accomplished and setting new ones, our new life was having our propose. My family was all set, and all of sudden an unexpected gift came to our lives, news that only joy and happiness will bring to our family, I was expecting a beautiful boy, one more time we were
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