Reflective Essay: My Dual English Class

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When I first started Dual English Comp I was narrow-minded and stubborn. This course opened up my mind to English but also taught me how to write a successful college essay. Before this course I had no idea which kind of punctuation to use or when to put a comma before but or and. When I look back on my first paper I wrote for English Comp I can definitely see a difference between my first piece of work and one of my last essays I wrote and how much I have improved. My initial goal when I first came into this class was to get an A no matter what. That is all that kept me going the first couple of weeks of class. Now that the class is almost over I realize this class is so much more than an A. It has taught me how to write college papers even before I get into…show more content…
I struggled a lot with that lesson because I was so used to my old ways that I did not want to learn that actual right ways. I eventually got over my stubbornness and learned the rules for where to put the apostrophe. The knowledge in this course has helped me write my research paper for other college class, Dual General Psychology. The knowledge I learned from this class I used a lot to help me write my research paper in there. I think without the knowledge from this class I would not have done as well as I did on that paper. That is why I am grateful for this class because it helps me write papers for others classes and do well. In the end, Dual English Comp has caused me a lot of stress but it has also opened my mind up to writing a successful college paper. I learned new things from writing a thesis to the correct apostrophe positions, to how to cite things correctly. My high school English class never taught me any of the things I have learned in here, so now I can proudly say when I go off to college that I know how to write a college academic essay because of Dual English
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