Reflective Essay: My Experience As A Resident Assistant

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I am applying to be considered for the graduate assistantship. I am currently working as a Resident Assistant (RA) for Grand Valley State University housing; I started working as an RA since August 2014. I have to be responsible and on call for more than 1000 students from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Counselling Centre, the police department, and housing department in GVSU trained me to deal with crisis such as sexual assaults, suicide ideation and attempts, drinking, social justice issues, and roommate conflicts. Those trainings greatly helped me when I personally dealt with two residents who had motives to commit suicide. To expand further on that experience, I was nervous at first dealing with suicide mediation, what if I were to mess up?…show more content…
I felt more relaxed myself being able to handle this situation, and being honest I wanted to follow up on her, but it was my time to transfer her to professional help. That was one of the moments where I wished to be that professional that would follow up. I envied the psychologist who got more training than me and can offer more help, so that’s why I am eager to be in your PsyD program, to have more training so I can help more. The training also helped me when I dealt with situations of residents who encountered alcohol abuse and domestic violence by their fellow roommates. Being an RA and dealing with those situations were great experience for me. I consider the RA job to be the closest experience I had that is similar to a clinical psychologist’s
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