Reflective Essay: My Experience Of Moving To America

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If I was asked what event in my life impacted me the most, then it will be the decision of moving to America. As Charlemagne says, “To have another language is to possess a second soul,” learning English and the American culture have gave me a different perspective of the world. I wouldn’t say how much it has changed me because when I look back at these years, I realized I am still the same person but I’ve made tremendous breakthroughs of finding myself. When I was ten, my mom and sisters moved to America, and I am left behind to live in China with my dad because he thought I was too young to move to America. I wouldn’t forget how many times I’ve missed them every day and every day was like torture, so I made a promise with my dad that if my average finals score of all subjects is above everyone else in my grade, then I can move to America too. Through months of putting all my effort into the work, I fulfilled my promise and moved to America that spring. However, things didn’t turned out as I thought it would be.…show more content…
I can still remember the first year I came – fifth grade, the homeroom teacher assigned each and every group a project, and mine was “Hurricane,” I had no idea what it was and I even thought it was someone’s name. When I got to middle school, I did not only learned what “Hurricane” means, I also found out what “GPA” was, which switched my focus towards study. During that period of time, I almost went to the library every week and I would finish an English book no more than two days. I no longer had any trouble of understanding the contexts of every subject and I find it easier to maintain my grades. At the end of middle school – eighth grade, I received my first certificate of academic excellence for top scholar, which is the award for students who have the perfect
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