Reflective Essay: My Journey Through Alvin High School

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Finally, my journey through Alvin High School is coming to an end. I am definitely satisfied that I got to spend my last semester with Ms. Loye! From advice to funny stories to actual learning, I will forever remember this amazing class. I will certainly need some of the skills and advice that I have learned in English 1302. Throughout my high school career, I never truly understood how to write a successful essay. I always just slapped random information down on a piece of paper and turned it in hoping for the best grade possible. By taking dual credit english, I have learned that organization is key to writing a successful paper. In order to have a good structure, one must start off with a powerful thesis. The thesis is the main sentence of an essay. It tells the reader what the writer is going to talk. Every paragraph in the essay will lead back to the writer 's thesis statement, if it does not the writer is getting off topic. Knowing the aspects of a good thesis now I now know what I need to improve on to make my papers successful. Although the thesis is the most important part, one must also have strong topic sentences that back up the thesis.…show more content…
Although since this is dual credit english, I will never have to take another english class. But, being that I learned how to properly write an essay, I will take that knowledge and apply it to other classes. In my dual credit classes, I have had to write an essay for every course. I have noticed that this year after taking dual credit, my essay grades have gone up tremendously. Besides learning how to accurately write a paper, I also took away some great advice to take to college with me. Ms. Loye prepared me for several situations that I will have to face in college. She also gave some great tips about how to do well. Not only will I carry these valuable lessons to college, but I will carry them over to my career as a nurse as
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