Reflective Essay: My Linked Courses In Belmont University

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There have been many moments in my life as a Belmont University student that have inspired me to both engage and transform the world the around me. However, there is always one moment that sticks out the most for me though. When I was a junior, I finally got around to taking my linked courses because I was a transfer student and things involving my schedule got weird after a certain point and never really resolved. But, onto the main topic, these linked courses were a required part of the Belmont University undergraduate experience and they involved taking two courses during the same semester that had different emphases but one overall theme that connected them throughout the semester. In my case, the linked courses were Chemistry and Communications with the main overall theme of engaging the environment around us,…show more content…
From the Chemistry portion, I learned not only about the physical science but also about how other cultures and people deal with Chemistry studies, especially those revolved around environmental implications of human actions. With communications, I found out more about how a person’s cultural background can influence how best to communicate with them on a day to day basis. Also, I picked up how a person’s background can influence their perspective of others’ communication styles so subtly that they themselves perhaps don’t notice. So, although in some ways both linked courses did not outwardly state that they were going to focus on teaching me about culture, thanks to the cultural ideas poured into the material both courses together from the teachers, they ended up teaching me a lot more about cultures outside of my own than I really expected going into the courses. As to be expected, these unexpected teachings have had quite the effect on my life and will continue to do so beyond my time at
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