Reflective Essay: My Preliminary Writing Process

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We all make mistakes, and most of the time we learn from them. From my Preliminary Writing Assignment to my Paper One, I have made numerous improvements in my writing but also many mistakes. Coming into College Writing One, I did not have papers to write to improve my skills in my upcoming years in college. Within the two papers I have written, I have expanded my word selection for more detailed paper, reduced fragments, and reorganized my thesis method for a better outcome. I came into this class thinking it was going to be just like high school. Unfortunately, College Writing One is far more complicated than high school. I will continue to grow while learning many methods to improve my writing skills. Trying to improve your paper by not using the same words over and over again is more difficult than most people think. Another struggle is trying to find an advanced word selection to replace those words we tend to use often. Since we have been kids we have words we like more than others. My words that I can not help but use is a lot, many, and my. To try and replace these words, I use In my Preliminary Writing Assignment, I used words like countless, valuable, and hard. In my Paper…show more content…
There are various steps you have to follow to make your paper an “A” paper. One of the first steps I take is writing my full paper first, then going back to make sure there is no fragments or contractions. This step is tough to accomplish because it is heavy on taking up most of my time of proofreading. One of my downfalls in writing is I get focused on typing my paper, that I don’t use correct grammar and punctuation that later on turns into fragments. The biggest progress I made from my Preliminary Assignment to Paper One, I did not use fragment sentences. That is an enormous improvement since before I entered this class I did not know what a fragment
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