Reflective Essay: My Process Of Writing

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My Process of Writing Writing can be a difficult thing if one hadn’t ever really wrote before. It takes a lot of thought and experience to be great at doing so. I only write when told to do so, or when it is a requirement to do so. My final essay last semester, of my English class was one of my last writings that come to mind. I wrote a final essay on a past event that had occurred in my life. In my opinion, it was one of the best writings that I have ever wrote. It was a descriptive essay on my experiences of certain event that had occurred in my life. I scored really well and felt great that I had done so well on it. It took me a couple of weeks to get it the way I wanted it, but did so. I’m don’t really enjoy writing, but at this time period of my life, it is required of me to do so. My personal process of writing may be different than other people writing process. I start off by writing a rough…show more content…
With my willing to learn attitude and my great teacher Mr. Winn, I should be able to accomplish this difficulty of mine by the end of the semester. As I have stated once before, I don’t enjoy writing, but I don’t enjoy a lot of things but end up having to get the task accomplished. I speak better than I write which leads to me dragging out an hour long essay into a two week task at hand. Writing may be an easy thing for some people that have no problems with doing so, but others have such a hard time with because of their inexperience with do so. My process of writing is definitely not anything to brag upon, but will come easier to me as I write more in the future. Until I get better at this, I will have to continue to go through the trial and error process in order to well in this writing process. This is a goal of mine to do by the end of this semester. As the days and weeks goes by, I shall be a better writer as I go through this process of writing.
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