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My Writing Experience I have never been good writing, I was never really exposed to it until my tenth grade year in high school. It was my first year at Clinton High school, August 17, 2013, I had the hardest english teacher in my grade. I already had imagined how that year was going to go. Looking back at it now it was not as bad I thought it would be I learned a lot from that class. The beginning of the year started of rough as we started writing our first essay. I had no idea how I was going to write it at all. I struggled and struggled, but I started to get the hang of it, or well I thought I did when I got the essay back i had mad a 64. I was only one point from passing it which was still a bad grade but like I said I have never been good at writing. Although I was not expecting a good grade, I still wondered what I had done wrong. The paper had one mark on it that was it, but I was too shy to ask what I did wrong. The same thing happened again on the next essay we wrote weeks later. I was just about ready to give up on the class, not like I actually could quit it but I was not very motivated about it. After that essay I did ask…show more content…
She was a really nice lady and if I had not been her student I would think she was an easier teacher. There was one paper I had to write and I was so far behind everyone else because I missed a day. I sat in her classroom during homeroom everyday for a week, she had no students in her homeroom so the class room was empty and quiet. It felt as though the class room was cut off from the rest of the school. It is safe to assume I was glad to get out of there everyday. There were some days when I asked Mrs. Cunningham to check my thesis and she did. I remember going up to her desk at least five times and her sending me back to sit down and fix it every time. I thought to myself this is the hardest class I have ever taken, and really I did feel like
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