Reflective Essay On 9/11 Day America

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September 11 2001 marks the day America changed drastically. It was a calm morning in New York city when the twin towers were struck by two airplanes. September 11th is and will always be a chaotic significant event in America. Homeland security and attitudes in America changed after this devastating event. We know America as the land of the free and the land of opportunities therefore many people come in and out of the country on a regular basis. However, after this event airline security had to be strictly enforced in order to prevent another disastrous event from happening again. It’s very sad to see all of the videos of people crying, running desperately and even jumping off the towers. This past Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the…show more content…
The event was hosted by the University North Texas at Dallas veterans center. Even though I am not an American citizen I find interest in learning more about certain cultures and significant events in history. This particular day made me reflect on all the liberties presented to us every day without us realizing it. Initially I thought it might be an event for those who have family members in the military or someone who could relate to 9/11 however I didn’t feel alienated from the group instead I felt like a part of it. The organizers were trying to promote patriotism in school and to remember an event that had such a big impact in the nation. During the event I got the chance to listen to the testimonies of US military veterans. According to those individuals you sing a lot and travel a lot being part of the military. They pay for your education after serving your country. Medical and healthcare is free for you and your family. The military gives you the opportunity to continue your education after serving your country. Other countries don’t offer those benefits to their military men. “Culture is
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