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This sound could very well be argued as the most annoying sound on Earth. The sound of an alarm clock on an early 7 o'clock, Monday morning. However, clocks are very useful tools. Ever since their existence, humans have constantly gone through their lives, depending on the clock to be at the right place and at the right time. Even with modern technology like smart watches, it still functions the same, reading the time and reminding you things like, “Oh crap! I have to be in math class in five minutes!” However, when the day comes that your watch breaks, doesn’t remind you, and you’re tardy to class. You’ll be sitting in the lunch detention room, staring at the clock as it slowly ticks. Wishing with all your might to go faster. You might think,…show more content…
The gears fascinated me, and I decided that building a clock would be a great learning fair topic. It’s a great thing that I chose it, because understanding how a clock works can oftentimes be extremely important, as you never know when your watch may break. Not only did I learn how to fix clocks, but also worked on my time management skills. Having good time management was most likely the most important thing I learned throughout the project as I balanced it with school, studying, and several extracurricular…show more content…
There are a few things I wished I would have changed. I really wish that I would have taken more time to carefully go through each and every gear, making sure that each was carefully sanded down and made sure they spun on the axles correctly. After assembling the minute gear, I realized that the S-hooks, were not quite attached to the main gear clock. Without them attached, the counter-weight would instantly fall down and not follow the constant slow fall that would keep the clock ticking. I eventually realized I would have to drill a hole into the gear itself since the caps had been glued on, and insert a pin to catch the S-hooks. In the end, it all worked out. The pin held the gear in place so the weight did not immediately slip, and now the clock works

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