Reflection On Quinceanera

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In the fall 2014, was the first i went to Santa Maria Virgen which is the church I currently go to. At first it was just going to classes for my confirmation which I had to take in order to have a quinceanera . A quinceanera is a tradition made for a mexican teen who is becoming of age and show the transition into adulthood. At first I thought it was just this once but then after my fifteenth birthday we’ve been coming to church every Sunday. We didn't know anyone there everyone was like a stranger to us but not for long. Weeks went by and we made friends at our new church it was great. It was nice meeting new people and getting to know them. In order to be a member of youth group you must be willing to sacrifice your space and time for the benefits of others whether it is having weekly meetings, giving up weekends for volunteering or keeping track of fundraisers and money. The first way I fit into the church community is by going to the…show more content…
In December we have a posada which is celebrating Jesus’ birthday it’s either a week or just a day. So later on in that month we start to ask for donations for food that we use to make burritos. The day before christmas we wake up early in the morning to prepare everything to make the burritos. We also give our time to volunteer at the food bank and help pack the food, we also donate food to them as well. My personal favorite is volunteering at the animal shelter just being with all the dogs and cats is just amazing. It gives me a warm feeling knowing the animals have found a good home. On sundays we usually give out food to the people who come to mass but if we need money for the youth group we make bake sales or sell other types of foods that people will enjoy . On mother's day and father's day the church members plan a feast for all the families and they celebrate those special moments with them this event is on the closest sunday to
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