Aesop's Fables Summary

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After the completion of eleven weeks’ homework, we have completed a journey to reap the truth in a small story. When I was young, I had read Aesop’s Fables which was translated in Chinese. At that time, the vivid story of human life, the wonderful language description, the thought-provoking reasoning made me learn a lot. And this term’s study not only brought back my knowledge of this book, but also let me harvest amount of English skills during translated English in Chinese. Such as the new words, vocabulary, sentence patterns, writing techniques, and etc. All of them is worth spending energy to study intensively. I made a little summary as follows. Firstly, I want to tell the new words, it is the key to understand the meaning of the article.…show more content…
As the old saying goes : Frank words offend the ear but are good for improving one’s conduct. We always lost in coxcombical praise, but faced with the honest advice, we usually become angry about it. Why? That’s because we can’t confront the shortcomings of ourselves. To make a great progress and improve ourselves, we must be good at listening, learn a lesson from others and rectify the faults. I think this principle is the key to be good at our daily life, daily work, study even the interpersonal interaction. Whenever keeping modest must make you rewarding. Anyway after this term the gain is more than the lost. I learn many English writing techniques, record many new words and expressions. But I think I am lazy in the work, I usually put off writing the reflections of the work since the eighth week, I promise that I will correct it, pay attention in it and hand in the homework the next term. Besides, I have some suggestions about this course. I think we should read the book that continues to echo down the centuries. The heavy cultural foundation may help us a lot. Then I think much reading is not necessary but we should remember what we learn and utilize it. That’s the important thing. Maybe we should much time to remember next is reading
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