Reflective Essay On Ballet

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Transitioning from taking ballet from last semester to this has not changed my perspective much because I had a general idea of the goals I wanted to focus on. Reflecting on ballet from the fall, I noticed some habits that I am working on in this class.I did not know what to expect on how each combination at the barre is going to be executed. Even though all ballet classes have the same movement terminology everyone has a unique style of teaching.Over the last year of study, I have been able to grow as a dancer and also to plan goals before this semester started. My views on ballet have not changed much because I knew what I wanted to work on, aiming towards and trying to find a goal that I can relate to for each exercise. By continuing to take ballet this semester, I can work on my weaknesses and areas where I do not keep my movement as continuous as I do with other movements. Even though I have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to taking ballet,I still have a chance to be able to focus on all of my goals that I would want to achieve for the semester. I am, however, able to work through my weak points, and I am also trying to work on executing the combinations better each time. So far, I have noticed I have been working on sequencing and trying to continue the new set of the goals that I created myself. As for taking ballet classes the first week, one primary aspect that I have noticed is that I tried to break some old habits that I did not want to happen this

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