My Ideal Classroom

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At the beginning of the course we saw things nothing to do with how to give a class or for to be a teacher, but weeks later we start seeing things like “What is lead-in?”, “What is warm-up”, things like definitions for vocabulary that we were going to use in all the course, next we saw types of students and things like that, then we see how to plan a class, next we start observing classes of other teachers, then we start giving demo-classes with our classmates, and finally we start giving classes with real students. The best part of the course.

About the things, I learnt I could say this:

-Somethings I have to work on it, I must improve the tone of my voice and don´t be shy because that is causing me that I couldn´t stand up in front of people, I hate talk in public and that is what I must have to change it because for be a teacher you have to be able to talk in
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- it is difficult for me to plan a class, because it takes a lot of time and also, it is difficult for me to imagine what is probably what the students already know and identify what could be complicated in class and what would be the solutions to those problems

- Another thing is that the teacher needs to make a good environment between the students and the teacher because if not, some students are not going to talk or participate, so it is very important aspect.
- When I am making the worksheets, the flashcards, I think they are easy but when I am teaching I feel that are a little bit confused, and the students get confused with the activities because I do not give the instructions
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