Reflective Essay On Being Alone

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Being alone is defined as having no one else present. So then what do you call it when you're surrounded by people, hundreds of children your own age, but you feel completely isolated?
When I was much younger, I was a very eccentric and outgoing person. I was full of life and energy, a friend to everyone. I would always raise my hand in class, befriend all my peers; I was the girl who lit up the room when she walked into it. However, after being forced to move schools over and over again I began to seclude myself. Whether it was the anxiety of starting all over or the fear of rejection, it did not matter. What I do know, though, is that if I had just put myself out there a little more, even just spoke to a few people, my highschool years would've
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I worked hard to keep my grades up and I practiced what I would talk about during my clinical care interview over and over again. When the day came and I found out I was actually accepted into the program I was elated. I think I took comfort in knowing that although this was a new school, it wasn't just a new school for me. Everybody, the entire junior class was going to be in the exact same position as me: little to no friends and lost in a big school they did not know their way around yet. I knew that this was going to be a better year for me. I wanted my last two years of highschool to make up for the first two I had resented so much. When I started at C-TEC I took my chances and put myself out there. I tried not to care what people thought of me as much and I tried to be more outgoing again. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I made not just one friend, but many friends, even a best friend. As I began to make friends I started to become more comfortable with myself and who I am again. I stopped hiding behind a fake smile and started to really, genuinely smile. I was becoming the person I once was, before I let my anxiety take hold of my life. I was happy again. It may be scary, but sometimes you just have to take risks. You can't hide behind the walls you confine yourself in forever. You only have one life and it is completely up to you how you live

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