Reflective Essay On Blue Fish

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Inspiration Ever since I remember I have loved reading. I would stay up past my curfew reading with my book light, getting yelled out by my mom because I had school the very next day. It all started with my father reading me Dr. Seuss’s “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and I would pick up on the words because we would read this book every night, and before I knew it I was reading it to him. I was around 5 at this time, and I remember that because my sister was still in her mother's belly and I would read to her from the outside world. When my sister was born we shared the same bedroom, and I would read to her before I went to bed. Starting second grade I was one of the only kids reading chapter books that were meant for older children. Everyone in my…show more content…
She put me in her college english class when I became a senior, because she said I showed potential to be successful, and I am so proud that I took that class because it taught me how to do more. When I went back to public school I joined the reading competition team again, and for both junior and senior year, I became captain because I showed the team that I was the willpower to read all 30 books within the deadline. Even though our team did not place in the top ten, each year we grew closer and closer, and my team says it is with the help of me. I think going back to public school has helped me. Even though a lot of people believe that Jeannette is not a good school, and that they do not teach us the necessary components to get us to learn, just like in Sherman Alexie's reading, but we have shown people that they are wrong, and that we have some of the best kids in the school around the area. I would have never thought that having my dad read to me would get me to the point i am right now with my literacy experience, and that I would still love reading to this day, having the book collection that I do now. I love reading, and I wish more children nowadays would get into reading as kids use to
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