Personal Reflection Of An Interview On Body Language

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interview there body language was amazing. It actually gave my motivation to stay upright and not slouch. I was most pleased with all the agencies except Social welfare but I am still grateful. The interviewing tips has helped me so much and I will take the knowledge wherever I go. The Ecological Systems perspectives have also helped me a lot. It has helped me understand how the systems impact on the individual such as at the Macro level Economic decline can cause some individuals to lose their job, This can possibly lead someone into poverty and seeking financial help from social welfare. This can also cause someone to become depressed and seeking counselling from family services. How the systems can impact on each other? At St Mary’ children’s home Miss Giselle Burton was explaining to me a situation where one child bullied another over mass media (Facebook) which has caused the child to perform badly in school.

The agency visits have been the best experience yet. I got to show case all my different skills in this activity such as my interviewing skills (questioning, clarifying, focusing on convocation and mirroring), Use of self-skill (Self-awareness and leadership skills, I took
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I had discovered that I have so much more to offer to this profession than I actually think. I’m smarter, my communication skills are more advanced than I expected, my interviewing skill have grown since the first day of practicum session, my critical thinking skill have improved and most importantly I have grown so much more than I expected as a person and a budding social worker. Proud is what I am of myself and there is nothing and no one that can take that away from me. These agency visits has helped prepared me for future practicum sessions. Yes I still need help here and there but every social worker is continuously working on themselves so that they can grow and become the best that they can possibly

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